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Experimenting with white pizza

September 1, 2010

As is clear by my line of work, I love to cook.  I love searching out new recipes, improving upon old favorites and adore eating new things.  But one thing I rarely do is create.  Maybe it is my general OCD or a bit of a lack of confidence, but I rarely cook things I do not have a recipe for.  When it comes time to cook I must have the recipe right by me so I can follow every step to the letter.  But last night I attempted to break out of my comfort zone and do a littl experimenting.  Now granted I only made a veggie white pizza, but its a step!

I was inspired by a veggie pizza with a cream sauce from a local pizzeria, and knew I could make a healthier version at home.  I started with pizza dough from Trader Joe’s (special thanks to my friend Kari who helped me finally master the art of store bought dough).  I then created a garlic cream sauce by sauteeing some minced garlic in a little butter and then adding sour cream, a touch of milk to thin it out, salt, pepper and dried parsely.  I was pleasantly surprised with my little concoction I must admit! 

This past weekend I visited a local farm stand so we could use all locally grown veggies to top the pizza.  By husband did a fabulous job preparing the 12 artichokes I got for $1!

I spread a thin layer of the cream sauce on the prepare dough, followed by a light layer of mozzerlla.  We then sauteed some spinach, brocolli, heirloom tomato and orange bell pepper (for my husband’s half) to add with the artichokes. 


And of course, the ever so delicious finished product:


The fact that it was topped with all local vegetables definitely improved the taste.  And I survived without a recipe!

Email me if you want to know the proportions I used for the cream sauce.  I appreciate the need for direction!

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