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Top Ten Reasons You Should Try Kate’s Thoughts for Food

November 8, 2010

I had one final apple recipe to share with all of you last week but the cooking gods had different plans for me.  It appeared to be an easy recipe: roasted apples with onion and thyme, what could be easier than that?  But I started to prepare the recipe and discovered I needed to reduce apple cider for half an hour to make a glaze, then roast the apples and onions on different racks in the oven AND rotate them after an hour.  I should have realized this was not going to go as planned.  Sill, I forged ahead and diligently started reducing my cider while I expertly prepared the onions and apples in perfect wedges.  Shortly thereafter I noticed the lovely warm cider scent was being replaced by a burning smell and my kitchen was getting a little smoky.  And so goes another recipe I will not be sharing…

In between scraping the burnt cider out of my pot AND sink (don’t ask), I decided that it would better serve you to share some reasons why I think each of you could use my business rather than sharing another recipe not worth trying.  Who doesn’t love a good Top Ten list?

Ten Reasons YOU Should Use Kate’s Thoughts for Food:

10.  You can avoid kitchen disasters like the one I so lovingly shared here.  I either test or thoroughly research the recipes I share with my customers.  The aforementioned apple number would never have made it into my repertoire!  I modify the recipes or ingredients to make them more user-friendly without detracting from their deliciousness.  How many times have you seen a recipe online or in a magazine and thought that looks easy to make, only to discover otherwise?  With my recipes, you don’t have to worry about that.

9.  Chances are you’ll be able to try new foods or at least new ways to cook foods you already love.  I do my best to avoid duplicating recipes so that means you benefit from my never-ending hunt to find new ways to jazz up the humble chicken breast or make things I would normally never eat, like Brussels sprouts, actually delicious.

8.  I do all the work for you.  The hardest part of cooking dinner each night is usually coming up with what you are going to eat.  I make that process a cinch by providing you with all the tools to fix dinner AND stay organized.  You’ll have a well thought out menu for each night you order, a grocery list separated by food categories and indicated with exactly what you need, and recipes that are straightforward, healthy and easy to follow.  It allows you to actually enjoy the process of cooking.

7.  It is healthy.  Do you know that by cooking at home you will consume 50% fewer calories, fat and sodium on average than if you were to eat out?  When preparing plans for my customers I focus on creating menus built on fresh, unprocessed ingredients.  Plus I choose recipes that I would want to eat.  While I have no self-control when it comes to the number of cupcakes I could eat for breakfast, somehow the thought of eating an unhealthy dinner really unnerves me.

6.  It is affordable.  With weekly subscription starting as low as $4 a week, you can’t afford NOT to try it!  You will probably end up saving at least that, plus more, by following a planned out grocery list rather than the stroll and grab methodology we are all accustomed to following.

5.  Everyone needs variety.   You’ve got Taco Tuesday, Spaghetti Wednesday and Take Out Thursday all figured out by now, but don’t you think it might be time to try something new?  While I understand it might be hard to do things different from the norm, science has actually proven that our brains benefit from mixing things up.  Doing even one thing in your normal routine differently is like a mini workout for your brain!

4.  It gives you one less thing to worry about.  We all know our lives are busy and hectic enough, why not take advantage of service that gives you a few less things to worry about?

3.  Eating dinner as a family is extremely important.  Children of families that eat together are more likely to be physically active, perform better academically and benefit from the familial interaction.  Even if the only person you are cooking for is yourself, don’t you think you deserve the time to sit down and relax?

2. You’ll be helping a nice person.  At least I like to think I am a nice person.  At the very least, you’ll be helping another person even if  we are unsure I am nice.

1. I cannot think of any reason you wouldn’t want to try it!  For as many reasons as I can come up with that you should hire me, I magically cannot come up with a single reason why my services wouldn’t be right for you.  That must mean you have to hire me!

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