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Additional commentary on yesterday’s cookies…

January 19, 2011

One of my readers and dear friends checked in with me yesterday to see what I honestly thought about the low-calorie chocolate chip cookies I had made and I wanted to share my additional thoughts with all of you. 

First and foremost, when I share a recipe or story with all of you, I can promise I am going to be honest and forthright about how I really feel.  There is nothing worse than reading about how delicious a dish sounds only to discover that the commentator was merely “selling the sizzle” and the recipe is, in fact, unappetizing.  I want to know what people really think about a recipe and will share nothing less with all of you.

As I said yesterday, these low-calorie cookies do not taste “just like the real thing”, but are a great alternative.  They are just as chewy, although with a slightly different texture than your standard due to the applesauce.  I also find them to be not as sweet, which may be contributed to by the fact that I always use unsweetened applesauce.  You can also absolutely tell they are made with less butter, but that means there is less fat!  The best part is that the recipe doesn’t skimp on chocolate and you are definitely left feeling satisfied that you fulfilled your craving.  My husband even said he wouldn’t have thought they were lower calorie if I hadn’t pointed it out!

Hopefully this clears up any lingering doubts about the tastiness of this recipe.  I really wanted all of you to know what you can truly expect from this recipe and that you can trust me when I say I like something!

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