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Dinner in less than 25 minutes: Pork Diane

May 26, 2011

I like to practice what I preach, and that means testing out the recipes and meals I plan for my customer to make sure they are 1. As delicious as they possibly can be and 2. Easy to follow and put together. Last night’s meal was no exception and was a perfect example why I truly believe in my product.

It had been a crazy afternoon of errand running sans toddler (thank you husband!) and I had been gone for almost 5 hours in the afternoon. Did I thank my husband yet? When I arrived home shortly after 6 I was starving (shopping makes me hungry) and knew I had just a short time to get dinner on the table before my son would have a complete meltdown. It was a relief to know exactly what we were having for dinner and that the ingredients were on hand ready to go.

6:27 pm Start dinner

6:34 pm Soothe crying child while measuring rice

6:36 pm Soothe crying dog who wants dinner too

6:50 pm Dinner complete

Seriously, it was that easy! Three cooked dishes ready to go in no time flat. And have I failed to mention how incredibly tasty it was? I know I am a bit partial, but why wouldn’t you want to make your life easier and order a product like this? I know I’m not the only one with a busy life who could benefit from the ease my product provides. Whether it be errand running, a long day at work, or picking the kids up from sporting events, your health and stomach doesn’t have to suffer! But that’s just my humble opinion.

Here is the fruit of my labor to prove I really did prepare a fast, delicious (not an oxymoron) home-cooked meal:

Pork Diane (pan grilled pork with mustard herb sauce), Asparagus with Lemon & Parmesan, and Brown Rice (although I think I am going to suggest a more exciting side to my customers: sautéed carrots perhaps?)

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