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It’s personal and it’s business.

August 2, 2011

Let me start off by just saying I’m having one of those days.

It’s kind of hard not to take things personally when you run your own business. You start to question what you do for a living if someone doesn’t come back for another order or asks why anyone would need my product. I am extremely passionate about my business idea and have said on numerous occasions that I started this business because I wanted to help people. But because I put my whole heart and soul into it, I’m left wondering why everyone doesn’t love it as much as I do?  Maybe my idea isn’t all that great and I should look for a different job?   How can I not take it personally?

The fact of the matter is that one of the main motivators for starting my own business was the ability it gave me to stay home with my son. Sometimes I’m left wishing I could be working outside of the house, contributing more to the family income, and putting my high-priced education to work, but where is the fun in that?  Instead, I get to spend my free time cooking and sharing those experiences with all of you, and the rest of the time taking care of an adorable little boy that gives the best hugs.  Being a stay at home, working mom definitely has its challenges, but I couldn’t see myself taking my son to daycare. It’s not like I think I’m a better mother because I choose to stay at home; I just am grateful I can make that choice.  In all honesty, I give humongous credit to mothers who work outside the home; you are far stronger than I could ever be. I was tremendously blessed to have a stay at home mom growing up and I believe that has shaped who I am today.

So I am going to remember that today’s event was just one customer and that I have lots of other customers I am fortunate to work with.  I will remind myself that I am lucky to work on something I feel so passionately about and be grateful that it allows me the opportunity to stay at home.

Thanks for letting me share.  It made my bad day a little easier.

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