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Special Thanksgiving Deal and the Kate’s Thoughts for Food Holiday Menu

November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving is upon us and I could not be more excited!  This year we are celebrating with military friends and our little family in our rental condo in Florida.  Cooking a large dinner in a someone else’s kitchen takes a bit of creativity, especially when lacking key tools, but it will absolutely be worth it!  An added bonus is that our wonderful friends are  contributing to the dinner!  I can almost hear my lovely mother saying, “Many hands make light work…”

Plus, I am excited to announce a special Thanksgiving deal!  I am so thankful for all my wonderful customers and supporters, that I think it is only fair to reward you.  Now through December 1st, all past customers will get TWO free weeks of standard meal plans for every week you purchase.  And not to leave new customers out, you will get ONE free week of standard meal plans for every week you purchase.  Simply place an order on the website and send a quick note to with the word “Thanksgiving” to let me know you are taking care of this special deal.

As I said in yesterday’s post, moving has turned my holiday schedule a little upside down and as a result, I haven’t been able to spend much blog time on Thanksgiving.  But better late than never, here is what we’ll be preparing for the big day complete with links to recipes, where appropriate:

Dip with Pita Chips
Baked Brie (Any reason to make warm gooey cheese is reason enough for me!)

Side Dishes:
Brussels Sprouts with Vanilla Butter and Pomegranate Seeds (We are doing our own take, but were inspired by this recipe from my husband’s cooking hero, Bobby Flay)
Sweet Potato Casserole
Pear & Sausage Stuffing (Replacing the prosciutto in this recipe and omitting the nuts so my son can enjoy.)
Turkey Gravy (Flying by the seat of our pants on this recipe a little bit.  Wish me luck!)
Pumpkin Nutella Muffins

Main Dish:
Roast Turkey (Using Pioneer Woman’s brine recipe, but my favorite roasting recipe.)

Plus our guests are bringing bread, mashed potatoes (my absolute favorite Thanksgiving, and frankly life, food), green beans, and lots and lots of pies!  I’m literally bursting with excitement; not sure that is normal.

Our turkey is in the final stages of defrosting so that I can start the brining process tomorrow and I am about to write out my game plan.  Big cooking days like this definitely need a thorough plan; one time my expert list-making definitely comes in handy!

I’ll be sure to take some candid photos of the cooking process to share in a future post!

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